I specialize in the manufacturing of uniforms and accoutrement of the British soldier during the long reign of Queen Victoria as well as original and
replica items for the Martini Henry rifle. The articles I provide are broken down by the following campaigns:

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• The Anglo-Zulu Campaign- 1879
• The Egyptian Campaign- 1882-1884
• The Soudan Campaign- 1884-1898
• The Second Anglo Boer War- 1899-1902
(I occasionally have items good for the Crimea and the Indian Mutiny)

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Many items will also do nicely for other campaigns and the various little wars in India and the Northwest Frontier.
Most items are for the “Other Ranks”, with a few items for Officer’s and are for Foreign Service.
I also have various bits and pieces too numerous to list. Glengarry badges, collar dogs, shoulder titles, button sticks, kit bag locks, buttons, etc.
Give me a shout if you don’t see something listed.
Custom orders are welcomed, e-mail me with your needs.  Keep in mind that uniform items are made to measure and do take some time for

I am able to accept credit cards through PayPal.

International orders are welcomed.

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A note about leather:
I have done my best to obtain a healthy supply of leather as historically accurate as possible. True buff leather is not available in the U.S. and is
expensive to import in any quantity.  Most leather accoutrement are have a  very similar texture as buff. In my sample photos you will see various
finishes of leather and I will note in item descriptions when polished or “finished” leather is used. I hope to use “buff” in most future items.

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When possible all items will be stamped with appropriate
Board of Ordinance or War Department stamps!

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